The function of white ink in DTF printing

Now, printing on fabrics has become an effective way to easily create unique designs and corporate brands in a cost-effective and repeatable way. However, ensuring the highest quality and consistency of printed matter is a key factor, and the only real way to achieve this is to place a white layer on the fabric before printing.

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Laying down the white layer not only provides a solid foundation for further printing steps, but also ensures good adhesion of the image. At present, there are two methods of printing on the fabric, direct to the garment method, in which the design is directly printed on the material and direct to the film method, in which the image is printed on the base film and then hot pressed onto the fabric. Although each method has its own advantages, direct film shooting provides the greatest degree of consistency and repeatability. As mentioned above, this is particularly important when laying a white layer.

The powder adhesive used for direct film printing is used with white ink to ensure the solid adhesion and fixation of the white layer and the fabric, and prevent any blank spots or peeling of the printed matter, no matter what material is used. Directly used in clothing can only be used for specific types of materials.

The managing director and founder of textek said: “The white layer is usually used for darker materials because it provides the basis for other colors to ensure high visibility and contrast. However, even when printing on white fabrics, white ink provides a solid and consistent basis, and other colors can be applied to it, thus providing high-quality results on the whole image. With our most advanced technology and consumables, customers can achieve Amazing prints. “

Textek offers a full range of adhesive powders, white and color DTF inks under its products. The ink can be used for a variety of printers or special printers. Contact textek to find out how you make fabric printing, which can not only bring you income, but also stand out.

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