The function of white ink in DTF printing

Now, printing on fabrics has become an effective way to easily create unique designs and corporate brands in a cost-effective and repeatable way. However, ensuring the highest quality and consistency of printed matter is a key factor, and the only real way to achieve this is to place a white layer on the fabric before … Read more

DTG printing and DTF printing, which is more suitable for small business

Recently, you may have encountered a discussion about direct transfer (DTF) printing versus DTG printing and wondered about the advantages of DTF technology. While DTG printing produces high-quality full-size prints with vibrant colors and a very soft hand, DTF printing definitely has some advantages that make it the perfect complement to your apparel printing for … Read more

The Difference Between Direct To Film Printer And Traditional Screen Printing

Retailers in the clothing printing industry no longer need to invest a lot of money in high-definition digital printers to print exciting patterns and prints on fabrics. Direct film forming (DTF) printing has completely changed the working mode of garment printing business. There are two types of printers in the garment printing industry, namely, traditional … Read more