A3 30cm DTF Printer

What is DTF printing?

A3 Size 30cm DTF Printer

1: briefly introduce the concept of DTF printing

The DTF process is as simple as its name implies – it is printed on film and then transferred directly to the fabric. The most prominent factor that makes this process worthwhile for more people is the freedom to choose almost any fabric. Whether it is polyester fiber, cotton fiber, silk or synthetic fiber such as rayon or cotton wool loop cloth, DTF printing process can bring magical effects to them.

2: introduce the composition of DTF printer

The mechanical part of A3 DTF printer is mainly composed of four parts: A3 DTF printer host, powder shaker, oven and hot press. The host is mainly responsible for printing the content you have designed. Connect the computer device through USB. There are software programs for printing downloaded from the computer. After the design work is finished, it can be printed directly. The function of the powder shaker is to evenly sprinkle the white powder on the wet ink just sprayed on the PET film. The ink directly adheres the white powder to form a layer of bottom with white powder. The function of the oven is to heat the bottom with white powder, and heat the white powder until it dissolves, so that the ink and white powder are mixed together. In this way, printing is successful. Flatten the printed PET film and the clothes to be transferred, align one end of the film with the base to the clothes, press the heat of the hot press first, wait until about 120 degrees later, pull down the cover on the hot press, press the film and the clothes for about 5-6 seconds, and the hot press will automatically pop up. Thus, the whole printing is completed. Finally, peel off the film from the clothes.

3: introduce the printer consumables

The consumables of a3 dtf printer include ink, hot melt powder and PET film. There are 7 kinds of inks according to different needs, CMYK + W + fluorescent yellow + fluorescent green. Merchants can choose according to the different effects to be achieved. White ink is necessary because it is the background color. Many businesses will ask me whether I need white ink. There is no doubt that white ink is indispensable. Hot melt powder is the transfer medium. It covers and mixes the white ink through high temperature, and then bonds the whole printed picture, so that the whole picture can be directly transferred to the clothes. Finally, let’s talk about films. PET films suitable for A3 DTF printing generally have cold peeling and cold hot peeling. Cold peeling can only be peeled when it is cooled. Cold and hot peeling can be peeled at any time.

DTF Printer Consumables

Why choose DTF printer

You can use DTF printer and its special ink for high-quality printing. If you want to display the brightness and fineness of tones in dark and light fabrics, the DTF printer can help.

It can be said that DTF printers actually help you eliminate all the restrictions in the traditional commercial printing process. In addition, since no processing is required in most cases, the DTF printer saves you total printing costs. This can provide a high profit margin for your store.

For example, the textile industry expects that DTF printers will grow significantly in the next few years. The industry believes that more and more companies will join DTF printing technology to realize all their benefits. Therefore, if you are a textile or T-shirt company and want to produce printed fabrics efficiently and economically, DTF printer is the future development direction.

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