60cm DTF Printer

What is the difference between traditional inkjet printing and DTF printing

The traditional inkjet printer works by spraying a thin layer of liquid ink on the paper and then passing the paper through the oven. The heat from the oven dries the ink to generate a printed image. DTF printer (directly to fabric) works differently; They are printed directly on the fabric without any drying time! This makes DTF printers much faster than traditional ink jet printers and can be used to print images on a variety of different fabrics. In addition, the ink used in the DTF printer is permanent and will not fade over time. This makes them very suitable for printing large banners or signs that need to be used outdoors for a long time.

60cm DTF Printer

What kind of ink does the DTF printer use?

The ink used in the DTF printer is a water-based pigment. Pigments are different from traditional dyes; It is more durable and better adheres to fabrics (and other materials).

What are the benefits of having a DTF printer?

The benefits of having a DTF printer include faster printing time, the ability to print on various fabrics, permanent ink that does not fade over time, and low cost per print. In addition, these printers are usually small in size and light in weight, making it easy to move from one location to another.

Is the DTF printer expensive?

The cost of DTF printers varies by manufacturer and model, but usually ranges from $3000 to $7000. Is the DTF printer worth the price? I think so! You have saved enough time for me to recommend these machines.

60cm DTF Printer

Is it difficult to use DTF printer?

The DTF printer is actually very easy to use! If you have printing experience, you can get started directly with just a little adjustment and a few minutes of learning. If you have never used a DTF printer, you can read the user manual carefully, or ask our after-sales service. We will let you learn to use it in the shortest time and reduce the problems that may occur in the printing process. Come and choose our 60cm DTF printer, it will provide you with higher efficiency and bring higher income. If you choose our 60cm DTF printer to apply to your business, you will never be disappointed. Leave a message in the table below. Remember, price is not your stumbling block, value is your bright light.

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